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Table 7 Sequencing information of CEU trio and 20 1000GP phase I samples used for PCR validation

From: Tangram: a comprehensive toolbox for mobile element insertion detection

Sample Population Platform Coverage Read length
NA19397 LWK ILLUMINA 5.9X 101 bp
NA19398 LWK ILLUMINA 5.6X 101 bp
NA19399 LWK ILLUMINA 5.5X 101 bp
NA19404 LWK ILLUMINA 5.8X 101 bp
NA19428 LWK ILLUMINA 6.2X 101 bp
NA19429 LWK ILLUMINA 6.6X 108 bp
NA19434 LWK ILLUMINA 5.6X 108 bp
NA19435 LWK ILLUMINA 5.9X 108 bp
NA19440 LWK ILLUMINA 16.9X 108 bp
NA19443 LWK ILLUMINA 12.4X 108 bp
HG00662 CHS ILLUMINAHiSEQ 5.2X 91 bp
HG00663 CHS ILLUMINAHiSEQ 5.7X 91 bp
HG00671 CHS ILLUMINAHiSEQ 5.9X 91 bp
HG00672 CHS ILLUMINAHiSEQ 5.6X 91 bp
HG00683 CHS ILLUMINAHiSEQ 5.4X 91 bp
HG00684 CHS ILLUMINAHiSEQ 5.8X 91 bp
HG00689 CHS ILLUMINAHiSEQ 5.4X 91 bp
HG00690 CHS ILLUMINAHiSEQ 5.8X 91 bp
HG00464 CHS ILLUMINAHiSEQ 1.3X 91 bp
HG00614 CHS ILLUMINAHiSEQ 4.6X 91 bp
NA12878 CEU Multiple 65.3X 47 bp ± 15 bp
NA12892 CEU Multiple 47.3X 46 bp ± 10 bp
NA12891 CEU Multiple 43.0X 45 bp ± 12 bp
  1. The sequencing data for CEU trio is a mixture of multiple libraries with different read length so in the “Read length” column for these three samples shows mean ± standard deviation.