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Table 4 Results from the CWR-R1 cell line data

From: SHEAR: sample heterogeneity estimation and assembly by reference

No. SV type Breakpoints Variant percent
1 Translocation chr15:49,498,516 chrX:66,829,481 1.42%
2 Deletion chrX:66,812,839 chrX:66,861,669 29.21%
3 Deletion chrX:66,813,091 chrX:66,861,564 1.73%
4 Deletion chrX:66,830,140 chrX:66,861,904 1.68%
5 Deletion chrX:66,874,605 chrX:66,896,916 0.76%
6 Deletion chrX:66,941,805 chrX:66,942,669 0.36%
  1. Left and right breakpoint locations on the reference sequence are given for each predicted structural variation, as well as the estimated levels of heterogeneity.