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Table 3 Plant Growth Promoting Genes of P. polymyxa strains

From: Comparative and genetic analysis of the four sequenced Paenibacillus polymyxa genomes reveals a diverse metabolism and conservation of genes relevant to plant-growth promotion and competitiveness

Trait Gene Name CR1 E681 M1 SC2
Indole-3-acetic acid production     
  ipdC YP_008911027 YP_003869749 YP_005958986 YP_003945692
  auxin efflux carriers YP_008912813 YP_008912323 YP_008911849 YP_003871347 YP_003870860 YP_003870585 YP_005960839 YP_005960204 YP_005959850 YP_003947565 YP_003947053 YP_003946661
Phosphate solubilization     
  gcd YP_008912273 YP_003870830 YP_005960174 YP_005960174
Phosphonate cluster (phn)     
  phnA YP_008914717 YP_003873107 YP_008050528 YP_003949521
  phnB YP_008910326 YP_003869234 YP_003945144 YP_005958491
  phnC YP_008913947 YP_003872434 YP_008049904 YP_003948836
  phnD YP_008913946 YP_003872433 YP_008049903 YP_003948835
  phnE YP_008913948 YP_003872435 YP_008049905 YP_003948837
  phnW YP_008914692 YP_003873086 - -
  phnX YP_008909947 YP_003868868 YP_005958118 YP_003944734
  ppd YP_008914693 YP_003873087 - -
  pepM YP_008914694 YP_003873088 - -
Phosphate transporter (pst)     
  pstS YP_008911198 YP_003869955 YP_005959210 YP_003945962
  pstA YP_008911200 YP_003869957 YP_005959212 YP_003945964
  pstB YP_008911201 YP_003869958 YP_005959213 YP_003945965
  pstC YP_008911199 YP_003869956 YP_005959211 YP_003945963
  phoP YP_008911212 YP_003869969 YP_005959224 YP_003945977
  phoR YP_008911211 YP_003869968 YP_005959223 YP_003945976
Nitrogen fixation      
  nifB YP_008910495 - - -
  nifH YP_008910496 - - -
  nifD YP_008910497 - - -
  nifK YP_008910498 - - -
  nifE YP_008910499 - - -
  nifN YP_008910500 - - -
  nifX YP_008910501 - - -
  hesA YP_008910502 - - -
  nifV YP_008910503 - - -
  1. "-" corresponds to no genes with homology to the gene listed on the left. Accession numbers listed refers to protein sequences in the NCBI Protein database. Genes were identified using annotations provided in Genebank followed by BLASTx searches of the genomes using previously characterized homologs. Auxin efflux carrier proteins were identified using Transporter Classification on the JGI IMG database.