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Table 4 Genes with significant tissue-specific isoform usages from 15 pair-wise comparisons among six tissues

From: IUTA: a tool for effectively detecting differential isoform usage from RNA-Seq data

Tissue Gene
Hippocampus Abi2, Arfgap2, Camta2, Dctn1, Dctn2, Eef1d, Eif4g1, Ltbp4, Nelf, Nqo2, Pxk, Tecr, Mon2, Traf3, Faim, Parp6, Gopc, Eya3, 1110021J02Rik, Nt5c2, Cadm1, Camkk2, Fchsd2, Gnal, Ptprs, Wdr37, Morf4l2
Heart Naca
Liver Mxi1, Psen2, Ptpn6, Bdh1, Nmi, Tomm6, Efemp2, Ythdf3, Slc6a8, Masp2, Il33, Stat5b, Timm22, Alkbh7
Lung Cttnbp2nl, C1qtnf5
Spleen Fam149b