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Table 3 Some distinctive features of VAS as compared to some related tools

From: VAS: a convenient web portal for efficient integration of genomic features with millions of genetic variants

Tool CADD [16] GEMINI [18] GWASdb [17] GWAVA [19] HaploReg [20] RegulomeDB [12] VAS
Client-side data compression No (local) N/A No No No Yes
Input variants allowed 100,000 (Unlimited) 1 >10,000 10,000 5,000 3,000,000
Genomic features/aggregated 63 (User defined) 37 14 10 1,012 1,000+
features provided    (5 categories)   (6 categories) (13 categories) (16 categories)
Data storage and integration (Not described) Relational DB Relational DB (Not described) Relational DB Relational DB Customized
Searching flanking regions No No Yes No No No Yes
Asynchronous access of results Yes (local) No No No No Yes
Linkout to genome browser No No UCSC [24] Ensembl [34] No UCSC UCSC
  1. For GWAVA and RegulomeDB, the maximum number of input variants allowed is based on our own tests of the system. Properties of the tools are based on their versions on 8th September 2014.