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Figure 7

From: Comparative genome analysis of Wolbachia strain wAu

Figure 7

Differences in proteins from transcriptional regulator genes between w Au and w Mel. An illustration of the differences between proteins that would be produced from the wMel transcriptional regulator genes and their corresponding sequences in wAu. Proteins predicted from the wAu sequences are shown. Green indicates identity with the wMel translated sequence. Blue indicates substitution with a similar amino acid. Red indicates substitution with a dissimilar amino acid. Yellow indicates inserted amino acids that are present in the wAu protein but not the wMel protein. White indicates deleted amino acids that are present in the wMel protein but not the wAu protein. The locations of DNA binding domains predicted from the translated wMel sequences are shown. Substitutions involving proline residues are indicated with arrows. – p: loss of a proline residue; + p: gain of a proline residue.

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