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Table 3 List of developmental stage-specific biological processes over-represented (FDR < 0.05) for up-regulated DEGs in TM-1 (TM-1 vs. im mutant)

From: Aberrant phenotype and transcriptome expression during fiber cell wall thickening caused by the mutation of the Im gene in immature fiber (im) mutant in Gossypium hirsutum L

Developmental stage GO annotation Functional categories FDR
13 DPA GO:0010200 Response to chitin 6.8E-08
  GO:0050832 Defense response to fungus 3.9E-02
16 DPA GO:0009086 Methionine biosynthetic process 8.0E-06
  GO:0030244 Cellulose biosynthetic process 9.9E-04
  GO:0009834 Secondary cell wall biogenesis 3.2E-03
  GO:0010417 Glucuronoxylan biosynthetic process 4.1E-03
  GO:0006529 Asparagine biosynthetic process 4.1E-03
  GO:0010248 Establishment or maintenance of transmembrane electrochemical gradient 5.4E-03
  GO:0010951 Negative regulation of endopeptidase activity 5.4E-03
  GO:0015992 Proton transport 1.4E-02
  GO:0043617 Cellular response to sucrose starvation 2.0E-02
  GO:0007047 Cellular cell wall organization 2.4E-02
  GO:0019305 dTDP-rhamnose biosynthetic process 3.2E-02
19 DPA GO:0005985 Sucrose metabolic process 2.8E-04
  GO:0010417 Glucuronoxylan biosynthetic process 9.3E-03
  GO:0009834 Secondary cell wall biogenesis 2.5E-02
  GO:0009877 Nodulation 3.5E-02
  GO:0052386 Cell wall thickening 3.7E-02
25 DPA GO:0010200 Response to chitin 5.2E-28
  GO:0050832 Defense response to fungus 2.4E-04
  GO:0006351 Transcription, DNA-dependent 2.5E-03
  GO:0009725 Response to hormone stimulus 5.2E-03
  GO:0045087 Innate immune response 4.1E-02
  GO:0009409 Response to cold 4.3E-02
  1. NA, no result.
  2. FDR, false discovery rate.