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Figure 5

From: Comprehensive characterization and RNA-Seq profiling of the HD-Zip transcription factor family in soybean (Glycine max) during dehydration and salt stress

Figure 5

Chromosomal locations and synteny relationships of soybean HD-Zip genes. The chromosomal locations of the soybean HD-Zip genes were obtained from the GFF file of Glycine max assembly v1.01, annotation 1.0, and were displayed using chromosome visualization tool (CViT). All chromosomes and gene locations are shown to scale. Glyma0041s00350 located on scaffold 41 (149758–152298 bp) is included independently in the figure. The homoeologous gene pairs are identified with colored solid lines on the left side of the chromosomes. The chromosomes and the solid lines with identical colors are syntenic regions containing homoeologous genes. A detailed list of homoeologous HD-Zip genes is also provided in Additional file 13: Table S1.

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