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Table 3 Highly divergent core genes

From: Intraspecies comparison of Streptomyces pratensis genomes reveals high levels of recombination and gene conservation between strains of disparate geographic origin

Gene name CD hit Predicted function
Sfla_0019 N/A hypothetical
Sfla_0256 pfam05120 Gas vesicle protein G
Sfla_0695 TIGR03062 Unknown, required for phage infection
Sfla_0790 pfam04149 BldB family
Sfla_0791 N/A HBP
Sfla_0852 pfam04149 BldB family
Sfla_0853 N/A HBP
Sfla_1620 TIGR03921 type VII secretion-associated serine protease mycosin
Sfla_1621 N/A hypothetical
Sfla_1909 N/A hypothetical
Sfla_1910 N/A hypothetical
Sfla_1911 N/A cholesterol esterase
Sfla_2255 N/A hypothetical
Sfla_2258 N/A hypothetical
Sfla_2259 N/A hypothetical
Sfla_2260 N/A hypothetical
Sfla_2267 N/A TadE-family protein
Sfla_2678 pfam04149 BldB family
Sfla_2704 pfam07228 stage II sporulation E protein
Sfla_2785 smart00530 HBP
Sfla_2786 pfam04149 BldB family
Sfla_2892 COG0642 Signal transduction histidine kinase
Sfla_2916 pfam06259 alpha/beta hydrolase fold
Sfla_2921 N/A HBP
Sfla_2922 pfam04149 BldB family
Sfla_2930 N/A hypothetical
Sfla_2931 N/A hypothetical
Sfla_3203 TIGR02614 FtsW - Biosynthesis and degradation of murein sacculus and peptidoglycan
Sfla_3555 pfam04149 BldB family
Sfla_3556 N/A HBP
Sfla_3613 COG4188 dienelactone hydrolase
Sfla_3767 cd06260 domain of unknown function
Sfla_3776 N/A hypothetical
Sfla_3819 N/A hypothetical
Sfla_3854 N/A HBP
Sfla_3855 pfam04149 BldB family
Sfla_3958 N/A hypothetical
Sfla_4039 N/A hypothetical
Sfla_4041 N/A regulatory protein
Sfla_4131 pfam04149 BldB family
Sfla_4132 pfam01381 HBP
Sfla_4158 N/A hypothetical
Sfla_4267 N/A hypothetical
Sfla_4283 pfam00535 glycosyl transferase family 2
Sfla_4288 cd03786 UDP-N-Acetylglucosamine (GlcNAc) 2-Epimerase
Sfla_4402 N/A Fasciclin-like protein
Sfla_4439 pfam04149 BldB family
Sfla_4440 N/A HBP
Sfla_4606 pfam04149 BldB family
Sfla_4607 N/A HBP
Sfla_4660 COG0841 Cation/multidrug effluN/A pump
Sfla_5089 COG0641 Arylsulfatase regulator
Sfla_5090 N/A hypothetical
Sfla_5091 pfam00931 NB-ARC
Sfla_5365 pfam02618 YceG-like family
Sfla_5366 PRK00258 shikimate 5-dehydrogenase
Sfla_6367 N/A hypothetical
Sfla_6381 pfam00440 tetR family regulator
Sfla_6389 N/A hypothetical
  1. A total of 59 core genes were found to have unusually high sequence variability (>5% nucleotide dissimilarity) between strains. These genes are listed using the IAF-45-CD sequence annotation and classified using CDD and RPSBLAST.