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Table 3 Differentially expressed proteases, protease-inhibitors, and laccase-1 genes in A. glycines fed with Rag1- soybean

From: RNA-Seq reveals a xenobiotic stress response in the soybean aphid, Aphis glycines, when fed aphid-resistant soybean

Gene Transcript ID1 Description Log2 fold change2
AySP1 contig_3884 Serine protease 1.17
AySP2 contig_6872 Serine protease snake-like 1.08
AySP3 contig_25003 Serine proteinase stubble-like 1.49
AySP4 contig_11484 Serine proteinase stubble-like isoform 2 1.78
AySP5 contig_4951 Venom protease-like 0.88
AySP6 contig_237 Venom protease-like 1.21
AySPI1 contig_3885 Serpin b4-like 1.25
AySPI2 contig_37590 Serpin b8 isoform 2 3.32
Aylac1 contig_45158 Laccase-1-like isoform 1 2.87
Aylac2 contig_26518 Laccase-1-like isoform 1 2.74
Aylac3 contig_7195 Multicopper oxidase 2.41
Aylac4 contig_22703 Multicopper oxidase 2.59
AySP7 contig_1678 Serine protease -1.98
AySP8 contig_4515 Serine protease -4.06
AySP9 contig_23830 Serine protease -3.37
AySP10 contig_5272 Serine proteinase stubble -3.02
AySP11 contig_11924 Transmembrane protease serine 9-like isoform 1 -1.45
AySP12 contig_3508 Transmembrane protease serine 9-like isoform 2 -1.67
AySP13 contig_14346 Hypothetical protein LOC100166829 -2.73
AyCP1 contig_5565 Carboxypeptidase b-like -2.07
AyCP2 contig_5566 Carboxypeptidase b-like -2.62
AyCP3 contig_8089 Carboxypeptidase m -0.93
AyCP4 contig_10493 Carboxypeptidase m-like -1.06
AySPI3 contig_6531 Serine protease serpin -2.46
AySPI4 contig_5436 Serpin b10 -1.23
  1. 1Nucleotide sequence for each contig is provided in Additional file 9.
  2. 2Fold change values for gene expression were considered significant if P <0.05.