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Table 3 Number of declared significantly differentially regulated genes in sample pairwise comparisons

From: A genomic perspective to assessing quality of mass-reared SIT flies used in Mediterranean fruit fly (Ceratitis capitata) eradication in California

Comparison tested # of significantly differentially regulated (FDR pval <0.05)
Vienna7 vs. Wild Hawaiian wild type (overall) 968
Adults vs pupae (overall) 4,634
Irradiated flies vs. non-irradiated flies 17
Wild Hawaiian adults vs. wild Hawaiian type pupae 4,345
Vienna7 adults vs. Vienna7 pupae 3,360
Vienna7 pupae vs. wild Hawaiian type pupae 3,094
Vienna7 adults vs. wild Hawaiian type adults 1,694
Vienna7 irradiated adults vs. Vienna7 non-irradiated adults 364
Vienna7 irradiated pupae vs. Vienna7 non-irradiated pupae 148