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Figure 5

From: Sequence differences at orthologous microsatellites inflate estimates of human-chimpanzee differentiation

Figure 5

Comparison of pairwise F ST calculated on the basis of PCR fragment lengths and repeat numbers. A heatmap of pairwise FST values among the 243 non-admixed human and five chimpanzee populations with a sample size of at least five individuals in the human-chimpanzee dataset (upper triangle) and the proportion change in FST when values are calculated using repeat numbers instead of PCR fragment lengths (lower triangle). Chimpanzee populations are located on the top-left of the plot (black bars), with the human populations ordered from top to bottom and from left to right by geographic affiliation, as indicated by colored bars (orange, Africa; yellow, the Middle East; blue, Europe; red, Central/South Asia; pink, East Asia; green, Oceania; purple, the Americas), and within regions from top to bottom and from left to right by increasing geographic distance from Addis Ababa.

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