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Table 3 Estimation of evolutionary distances of sequence pairs comprising T. japonicus NR1L subfamily members with other NR1 subfamilies: B) Genetic distance values among NR1I, NR1J, Daphnia NR1L, and copepod NR1L members

From: Genome-wide identification of nuclear receptor (NR) superfamily genes in the copepod Tigriopus japonicus

  in group NR1I NR1J NR1L NR1La
NR1I 0.379   0.807 0.949 1.492
NR1J 0.479    1.002 1.427
NR1L1 0.324     1.239
NR1L2 1.013     
  1. 1Entire Daphnia NR1L subfamily.
  2. 2All copepod NR1L subfamilies.