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Table 3 Repertoire of functional TRA/TRD gene segments in the bovine (UMD3.1), murine and human genomes

From: Genomic analysis offers insights into the evolution of the bovine TRA/TRD locus

  Bovine (UMD3.1) Human Murine
TRAV/TRDV 215 (38) 48* (37) 87* (23)
TRAJ 52 50 38
TRDD 5 3 2
TRDJ 3 4 2
  1. *For human and murine TRAV/TRDV repertoires we represent the maximum number of potential functional genes (i.e. including TRAV/TRDV gene segments for which both functional and non-functional alleles exist as functional). The numbers in parentheses show the number of TRAV/TRDV subgroups that include functional members.