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Table 3 20 top-scoring associations between drug-resistance profiles and point mutations in the case study for 1398 partially sequenced M.tuberculosis strains.

From: GWAMAR: Genome-wide assessment of mutations associated with drug resistance in bacteria

drug name gene id gene name mutation all h.c. TGH
Fluoroquinolones Rv0006 gyrA D94A/G/N/Y/H Y Y 129.754964792
Fluoroquinolones Rv0006 gyrA A90G/V Y Y 41.8967753922
Streptomycin Rv0682 rpsL K43R Y Y 31.005838239
Isoniazid Rv1908c katG S315T/S/G/N/I/R Y Y 27.1918713598
Ethambutol Rv3795 embB Q497P/R/K/H Y Y 17.1681425414
Streptomycin Rv0682 rpsL K88T/R/Q/M Y Y 16.2806822989
Fluoroquinolones Rv0005 gyrB N538K/T/D/S Y Y 12.6368065275
Rifampicin Rv0667 rpoB H445P/D/R/Y/L/N/Q Y Y 12.627849397
Streptomycin Rvnr01 rrs A1401G Y N 9.60726487825
Pyrazinamide Rv2043c pncA T135P/A Y N 9.35766011848
Streptomycin Rvnr01 rrs A514C Y Y 8.96892262877
Rifampicin Rv0667 rpoB D435Y/V/H/G/A/N Y Y 7.63431166207
Fluoroquinolones Rv0006 gyrA S91P Y Y 7.57935978224
Pyrazinamide Rv2043c pncA T-11C/G Y Y 6.76727069266
Ethambutol Rv3795 embB G406S/D/A/C Y Y 6.32500852932
Fluoroquinolones Rv0006 gyrA D89G/N N N 6.26814578901
Pyrazinamide Rv2043c pncA L120P/R Y N 6.11085770664
Streptomycin Rvnr01 rrs C517T Y Y 5.16411345885
Ethambutol Rv3795 embB D328Y/G/H Y N 5.07901609928
Pyrazinamide Rv2043c pncA V139G/A/M/L Y Y 5.05727324518
  1. This dataset is provided by The Broad Institute. Each row corresponds to one association, whereas the consecutive columns describe: drug name, gene identifier, gene name, mutation, association presence in the TBDReaMDB database, status indicating if the association is categorized as high confidence in TBDReaMDB, TGH score.