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Figure 7

From: Mathematical model of the Tat-Rev regulation of HIV-1 replication in an activated cell predicts the existence of oscillatory dynamics in the synthesis of viral components

Figure 7

Impact of the Rev mRNA stability on the kinetics of the viral components synthesis in an activated cell. The curves are distinguished by the parameters values: curve 1 - k = 0.0009 min-1, curve 2 - k = 0.0014 min-1, curve 3 - k = 0.0015 min-1, curve 4 - k = 0.0016 min-1, k = k d e g r , 2 k b _ R N A _ R e v _ y y y , y y y { n u c , c y t } . Simulations for the version of the model in which the Rev-dependent transport of 9 kb RNA and 4 kb RNA from the nucleus to the cytoplasm leads to the release of the RNA bound Rev proteins into the free cytoplasmic fraction. However, the interaction of Rev with 9 kb- and 4 kb RNAs in the cytoplasm does not take place. The simulations were performed with the model parameter values listed in Table 1.

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