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Table 3 Types of microbial communities found in Zavarzin

From: Molecular analysis of the benthos microbial community in Zavarzin thermal spring (Uzon Caldera, Kamchatka, Russia)

Type of community Localization site, temperature Composition of dominant microorganisms
Bottom scale brown organomineral formation Crater of Zavarzin, depth of 30-50 cm. 56°C Filamentous bacteria
Thin green flowing single-layer films Develop along the edge of Zavarzin. About 40°C Filamentous cyanobacteria
Loose thin dark green-gray epibioses Develop along the stream branching off from Zavarzin, 20°C Filamentous cyanobacteria and filamentous green algae
Green epibioses/films on cold soil Ubiquitous. 10-15°C Unicellular and colonial green algae