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Table 3 Summary for associations between the presence of AuxREP&S and auxin response detected by statistical analysis of 16 microarray experiments (Table 2).

From: Computational analysis of auxin responsive elements in the Arabidopsis thaliana L. genome

Up- or down-regulation up down up down
Number, orientation and location of AuxREP&S [-300;5'UTR] [-1500;5'UTR]
Single AuxREP&S 7* 3 5* 1
  AuxREP&S+ 4*   4*  
  AuxREP&S 3   3  
Multiple AuxREP&S   2 7* 1
  AuxREP&S+   2 1 3
  AuxREP&S  2 6* 1
  1. For each microarray experiment, we estimated, if the difference in portions of auxin regulated genes (>1.5-fold change, p < 0.05) between the subsets of gene having specifically localized and/or oriented AuxREP&S and whole set of genes tested was significant in the microarray. In the cells, we present the number of microarrays in which the significant difference was found, empty cells mean no difference. The threshold at which the association between the presence of AuxREP&S and auxin responsive expression was considered as significant was set as three microarrays (see Methods). (+) means direct orientation; (−) - reverse orientation of the AuxREP&S elements.
  2. *Significant associations