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Table 4 Two- and three-dimensional subsets of T-matrix elements with collinearity indices higher than 4.

From: Sequence-based model of gap gene regulatory network

Parameter combinations Collinearity index
T KK T KJ   4.08
T HT ω J   1.47
T KC T KJ ω C 7.86
T KK T KC ω C 7.17
T KC T KJ K C 6.61
T KK T KC K C 6.13
T KJ K C ω C 5.81
T KK T KC T KJ 5.58
T KK T KJ K C 4.88
T KK T KJ ω C 4.85
  1. The collinearity index for the parameter combination THT and ω Hkb does not exceed threshold, however these parameters show high correlation (Pearson correlation coefficient 52%) that explains their large 95% confidence intervals.