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Table 1 Sequences of the six HIV-1 PR substrates studied in this work

From: Impact of M36I polymorphism on the interaction of HIV-1 protease with its substrates: insights from molecular dynamics

  Substrate P5 P4 P3 P2 P1   P1' P2' P3' P4' P5' PDB ID
Gag polyprotein CA-p2 Lys Ala Arg Val Leu * Ala Glu Ala Met - 1F7A
  MA-CA Val Ser Gln Asn Tyr * Pro Ile Val Gln - 1KJ4
  p1-p6 Arg Pro Gly Asn Phe * Leu Gln Ser Arg Pro 1KJF
  p2-NC - Ala Thr Ile Met * Met Gln Arg Gly - 1KJ7
Pol polyprotein RH-IN Ile Arg Lys Ile Leu * Phe Leu Asp Gly Ile 1KJH
  RT-RH - Ala Glu Thr Phe * Tyr Val Asp Gly Ala 1KJG
  1. * substrate cleavage site