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Table 3 Functional annotation of MCL in SCZCGs by DAVID.

From: Transcriptome alterations of mitochondrial and coagulation function in schizophrenia by cortical sequencing analysis

Cluster No.(cluster genes >30) (SCZCGs/cluster genes) SCZCGs in gene modules by MCL (^:over-expressed gene, *:under-expressed gene) Functional annotations by DAVID
QUERY Cluster: 1 (21/215) APEX1*,C1orf86*,DHRS7B*, DTNBP1*,EPO*,GFRA2*, KATNAL1^,NPRL3*,NUB1*, PCNA*,PLK3*,SHKBP1*,SMG9*, SPNS1*,STRADA*,SUPT3H^, TP53*,TREX1*,TTLL5*,VPS52*, ZNF174* Regulation of transcription, DNA-dependent
Regulation of RNA metabolic process
QUERY Cluster: 2 (16/154) CAMTA2*,CDC42EP2*,FBXL19*,FOXN3*,KRT81*,MEF2C^,MPST*,MYOCD*,MYPOP*,NCOR2*, NFKBIZ*,PLA2G4C*,SIN3A^, SPARCL1*,SQRDL*,ZNF200* Transcription regulator activity
DNA binding
QUERY Cluster: 3 (6/83) ADCY10^,GOLGA7*,LMNA*, MASTL*,ODF2*,PCNXL3* Cytoskeleton
Telomere maintenance
ATP binding
Regulation of apoptosis
MAPK signaling pathway
ErbB signaling pathway
Cell cycle
Actin filament binding
Protein kinase activity
QUERY Cluster: 7 (3/40) C16orf59*,PRKCZ^,TRIM4^ Protein kinase cascade
ATP binding
Tyrosine-protein kinase
Phosphate metabolic process
QUERY Cluster: 9 (3/31) LMO3^,MCM10^,SDCBP2* DNA replication
Cell cycle
ATP binding
QUERY Cluster: 10 (3/31) FN1*,IGLL5*,ST14* Hemostasis