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Table 3 Genome assembly summary

From: Uncovering the novel characteristics of Asian honey bee, Apis cerana, by whole genome sequencing

Summary Number
Estimated genome size (bp) 238,934,385
Total assembly length (bp) 228,315,917
Total assembly gap length (bp) 22,358,847
Number of contigs 18,160
Contig N50 length (bp) 21,729
Number of scaffolds 2,430
Scaffold N50 length (bp) 1,421,626
Largest scaffold length (bp) 6,352,280
Average scaffod length (bp) 93,957
Number of (A + T)s (%) 60.19
Number of (G + C)s (%) 30.02
Number of Ns (%) 9.79
Repeats length (bp) 14,794,603
Interspersed repeats (bp) 4,448,613
Simple repeats (bp) 8,167,274
  1. Size of estimated genome and statistics of assembled scaffolds. The N50 scaffod size indicated that 50% of nucleotides in the assembly occur in scaffolds of length more than or equal to the N50 size.