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Figure 1

From: Distinct serum metabolomics profiles associated with malignant progression in the KrasG12Dmouse model of pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma

Figure 1

Separation of p48-Cre/LSL-KrasG12D (Kras) and wild type mice based on circulating metabolite concentration profiles and heatmaps of the top 50 metabolites as classified through Random Forests (RF). Kras and wild type (neg) mice at each time point were separated based on the measurement profile of over five thousand circulating metabolites in a Random Forests multivariate data analysis. The top 100 ions, as determined through Random Forests, were used to construct a multidimensional scaling plot. Red diamonds are correctly grouped wild type mice (Neg) and open red circles are incorrectly grouped wild type mice. Black diamonds are correctly grouped KrasG12D mice and open black circles incorrectly grouped Kras mice. (A) At 3-5 months the classification accuracy is 82.1 %. (B) At 13-16 months classification accuracy was 81.5 %. Heatmap displaying relative concentration differences of circulating metabolites between individual p48-Cre/LSL-KrasG12D and wild type mice at 3-5 months (C) and 13-16 months (D) of age in the negative ionization mode. Black underlines Kras mice and red underlines wild type mice (Neg).

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