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Figure 2

From: Transcriptomics profiling study of breast cancer from Kingdom of Saudi Arabia revealed altered expression of Adiponectin and Fatty Acid Binding Protein4: Is lipid metabolism associated with breast cancer?

Figure 2

Functional analysis of altered gene expression data. Description: Dendrogram shows the change in expression levels of genes in breast cancer compared to normal controls. Samples from each tissue were hybridized to Affymetrix Human ST 1.0 array and signals were scanned after staining and washing the arrays. The data was analyzed as described in the ‘methods’ section, and analysis revealed differential expression of 1159 genes. Agglomerative average-linkage hierarchical clustering for genes (Y axis) and tissue type (X axis) were obtained using Partek GS 6.6 software. The cluster color represents the normalized expression level of a given gene in a particular tissue type or histopathological condition given below and is colored according to the color bar at the bottom. Red denotes upregulation and blue denotes downregulation according the color scale. Each column is single experiment from each subject and each row is a single gene. The data represents 8 controls and 38 breast cancer samples. Seven samples with less information were removed from dendrogram. Yellow, pink and green color boxes indicate cluster of relative differentially regulated genes and their significantly altered functions and pathways. Tumor grade, ER, PR, HER2 and TNBC status were also included in the cluster. ‘1’ denotes +ve status and ‘0’denotes –ve status.

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