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Table 1 Characteristics of test data sets.

From: Phylogenetic placement of metagenomic reads using the minimum evolution principle

Set Sequence length Ref. sequence Mean branch length Indels (%) Diameter Origin
D174 1241 714 0.03 0.06 2 Empirical
D218 2294 218 0.12 35 3.3 Empirical
D150 1269 150 0.06 5 3.4 Empirical
S500R 2000 500 0.05 0 2.3 Simulated
  1. Note.- Sequence length is the length of the original alignment in nucleotide sites (including indels). Ref. sequences refers to the number of sequences in the alignment. Mean Branch Length is the average length (in substitutions per site) of branches in the original tree. Indels is the percentage of sites in the alignment that are hyphens or question marks or IUPAC N metacharacters, representing any nucleotide. Tree Diameter is the maximum patristic evolutionary distance (total substitutions per site along the branches of the tree) between any two taxa in the tree. Source refers to the origin of the sequences.