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Table 1 Main molecular, cellular and physiological functions triggered by CCs in ZGP versus ZGNP. These functions are ranked by p-value and their proportion of differentially expressed genes (both overexpressed and underexpressed) according to the IPA software.

From: Use of Both Cumulus Cells’ Transcriptomic Markers and Zona Pellucida Birefringence to Select Developmentally Competent Oocytes in Human Assisted Reproductive Technologies

Molecular, cellular and physiological functions p-value No. genes Proportion of differentially expressed genes involved (%)*
Physiological functions / conditions Reproductive and embryonic development 4.13E-05 - 2.95E-02 17 22.67
  Organ morphology 5.92E-06 - 2.95E-02 16 21.33
  Inflammatory-like response 2.86E-04 - 2.95E-02 14 18.67
Molecular & cellular functions Cell Morphology 5.92E-06 - 2.95E-02 22 29.33
  Small molecule biochemistry & signaling 1.09E-04 - 2.59E-02 13 17.33
  Cellular assembly and organization 4.13E-05 - 2.95E-02 9 12.00
  Cell cycle 1.37E-04 - 2.59E-02 5 6.67
  1. *: The proportion of differentially expressed genes included both over- and under-expressed genes