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Table 3 Functional analysis of 204 down-regulated target genes of UPmiRs and 295 up-regulated target genes of DNmiRs in IPA "Diseases and Functions".

From: Integrated analyses to reconstruct microRNA-mediated regulatory networks in mouse liver using high-throughput profiling

Diseases and Functions UPmiRs DNmiRs
  pvalue Count pvalue Count
Lipid Metabolism 3.85E-06 22   
Cellular Growth and Proliferation 9.18E-06 26 5.17E-10 77
Connective Tissue Disorders 1.12E-04 11   
Energy Production 5.59E-04 5   
Metabolic Disease 8.11E-04 8   
RNA Post-Transcriptional Modification 1.10E-03 3   
Nervous System Development and Function 1.57E-03 25 5.27E-28 61
Tissue Development 1.60E-03 34 6.33E-29 96
Cell-To-Cell Signaling and Interaction 1.64E-03 12 6.33E-29 54
Cell Death and Survival 4.27E-03 12 4.85E-24 105
Cellular Assembly and Organization 4.68E-03 17 6.33E-29 65
Cellular Movement 6.92E-03 6 4.52E-09 58
Cell Cycle 1.06E-02 4 2.28E-07 32
Organismal Survival 1.82E-11 99
Total number of UPmiR-targets: 57
Total number of DNmiR-targets: 168