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Table 1 Prediction accuracy of HLA-VBSeq and existing tools for HLA typing in the 30x simulation data analysis.

From: HLA-VBSeq: accurate HLA typing at full resolution from whole-genome sequencing data

HLA resolution HLA-VBSeq PHLAT HLAminer
8-digit 99.94% - -
6-digit 99.95% 80.80% -
4-digit 99.95% 88.75% 50.12%
2-digit 100% 96.39% 77.82%
  1. The accuracies of each method are calculated at 8-digit, 6-digit, 4-digit, and 2-digit resolution from the 30x simulation data. PHLAT only predicts HLA types at 6-digit, 4-digit and 2-digit resolution, and HLAminer only predicts HLA types at 4-digit and 2-digit resolution.