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Table 2 Predicted HLA types of the CEU trio samples with HLA-VBSeq.

From: HLA-VBSeq: accurate HLA typing at full resolution from whole-genome sequencing data

Sample Predicted HLA types
NA12878 (child) A*01:01:01:01 A*11:01:01
  B*08:01:01 B*56:01:01
  C*01:02:01 C*07:01:01:01
  DQA1*01:01:02 DQA1*05:01:01:02
  DQB1*02:01:01 DQB1*05:01:01:02
  DRB1*03:01:01:01 DRB1*01:01:01
NA12891 (father) A*01:01:01:01 A*24:02:01:01
  B*07:02:01 B*08:01:01
  C*07:01:01:01 C*07:02:01:03
  DQA1*01:02:01:01 DQA1*05:01:01:02
  DQB1*02:01:01 DQB1*06:02:01
  DRB1*03:01:01:01 DRB1*15:01:01:02
NA12892 (mother) A*02:01:01:01 A*11:01:01
  B*15:01:01:01 B*56:01:01
  C*01:02:01 C*04:01:01:01
  DQA1*01:01:02 DQA1*01:01:02
  DQB1*05:01:01:02 DQB1*05:01:01:01
  DRB1*01:01:01 DRB1*01:01:01
  1. Predicted HLA types of HLA-A, -B, and -C loci with HLA-VBSeq were experimentally validated at 4-digit resolution in [10], which is shown in bold text. Predicted HLA types of HLA-DQA1, -DQB1 and -DRB1 loci with HLA-VBSeq were coincided with those with PHLAT at 6-digit resolution except DQA1*01:01:02 (one allele in NA12878 and two alleles in NA12892). PHLAT instead predicted them as DQA1*01:01:01, whose genomic sequence was missing in the IMGT database release 3.15.0., and hence HLA-VBSeq could not predict the HLA allele in our experimental condition.