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Table 1 MWM based algorithm results.

From: DISMIRA: Prioritization of disease candidates in miRNA-disease associations based on maximum weighted matching inference model and motif-based analysis

S.No. miRNAs Diseases PubMeds for results
1 hsa-mir-9-1,
Breast cancer, Colorectal cancer, Kidney cancer, Ovarian cancer 23617747
2 hsa-mir-182, hsa-mir-200a, hsa-mir-200b, hsa-mir-200c Lung cancer, Ovarian cancer (OC), Hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC), Breast cancer, Kidney cancer, Colorectal cancer, Oral squamous cell carcinoma 23272653
3 hsa-mir-29a, Ulcerative coltis, Serious ovarian cancer, Bladder cancer, Pituary adenoma, Primary Biliary cirrhosis, Epithelial Ovarian Cancer, Cardiac hypertrophy, Breast cancer, Acute Lymphoblastic leukemia, Kidney cancer, Gastric cancer and nasopharyngeal carcinoma 18056805,
  hsa-mir-34a,   19475496,
  hsa-mir-34b,   19646430,
  hsa-mir-25   16461460,