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Figure 5

From: Memory acquisition and retrieval impact different epigenetic processes that regulate gene expression

Figure 5

Non-coding RNA regulation after memory acquisition or retrieval. A. Non-coding RNAs induced at FC30' (dark grey) or RT30' (light gray) by qPCR (n = 8). MiR-219 is down regulated only at RT30' (box). Expression values from qPCR experiments represent fold changes relative to control (CC30') after normalization against Snord68 levels. Statistical significance is highlighted as p-value <0.01 (**) B. Protein levels of miR-219 target, CAMKII╬│, increase after retrieval, as expected from the downregulation in expression of miR-219. Western-blots from hippocampal protein lysates 30 minutes after retrieval (RT30') in an independent cohort of animals (n = 10), protein levels are represented as fold change relative to control (CC30'), statistical significance is highlighted as p-value <0.05 (*).

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