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Table 1 Summary of our three case-of-study lincRNAs

From: MONSTER v1.1: a tool to extract and search for RNA non-branching structures

lincRNA Description Function
HOTAIR HOX intergenic antisense transcript localized in the nucleus Epigenetically silences gene expression of many loci, through the recruitment of chromatin-modifying complexes, such as PRC2, REST and CoREST. Its expression is increased in tumor cells and may have an active role in the epigenetic modulation of cancer and in mediation of the cells [11, 10, 39].
COLDAIR Transcribed in response to biological significant events, such as a signal of cold environmental temperature Binding the protein complex PCR2 and performing the role of a guide for the latter, determines the epigenetic repression of FLC gene (locus floral C) [40, 10].
ANRIL Antisense non coding transcript in the INK4 locus Molecular scaffold for chromatin-modifying complexes PCR1 and PCR2, allows to dynamically modulating transcriptional activity [41, 10]. It is implicated in a range of complex diseases including cancer and coronary heart diseases.