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Table 2 Accession numbers of amino acid sequences

From: Cloning, expression and nuclear localization of human NPM3, a member of the nucleophosmin/nucleoplasmin family of nuclear chaperones

Symbol* Name(s) Species Accession No. Ref. No.
NUPL-X1 Nucleoplasmin Xenopus laevis CAA28460 [34]
NUPL-A-X1 Nucleoplasmin A Xenopus laevis CAA68363 [31]
Npm3-mm Nucleophosmin/nucleoplasmin-3 Mus musculus NP_032749 [21]
NPM3-Hs Nucleophosmin/nucleoplasmin-3 Homo sapiens AY049737 this study
NO29-X1 NO29; NOVA Xenopus laevis CAB06652 [43]
NPM-Mm Nucleophosmin; NO38; B23; Numatrin Mus musculus NP_032748 [40]
NPM-Rn Nucleophosmin; NO38; B23; Numatrin Rattus norvegicus P13084 [33]
NPM-Hs Nucleophosmin; NO38; B23; Numatrin Homo sapiens NP_002511 [32]
NPM-Gg Nucleophosmin; NO38; B23; Numatrin Gallus gallus P16039 [37]
NPM-X1 Nucleophosmin; NO38; B23; Numatrin Xenopus laevis A41730 [39]
NAAP36-Ap Nucleic acid-associated protein 36; ANO39 Asterina pectinifera BAA90827 [38]
MP62-Lp Mitotic apparatus protein p62 Lytechinus pictus P91753 [42]
DNLP-Dm Nucleoplasmin-like protein Drosophila melanogaster Q27415 [35]
CG7911-Dm CG7911 gene product Drosophila melanogaster AAF56987 [30]
N1/N2-X1 Nuclear histone-binding protein N1/N2 Xenopus laevis A25680 [36]
NASP-Hs Nuclear autoantigenic sperm protein Homo sapiens NP_002473 [41]
  1. *Symbol as used in this study