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Table 1 yCCR4-related proteins

From: Identification of four families of yCCR4- and Mg2+-dependent endonuclease-related proteins in higher eukaryotes, and characterization of orthologs of yCCR4 with a conserved leucine-rich repeat essential for hCAF1/hPOP2 binding

Namea Nucleotide/Amino acid sequence b Sorting procedure (this work) or reference Corresponding genomic sequence c or reference
h.nocturnin AAD56548 Dupressoir et al [21] NT-006124
m.nocturnin AAD56547 Dupressoir et al [21] Dupressoir et al [21]
xe.nocturnin AAB39495 Green & Beshare [22] Green & Beshare [22]
d.nocturnin AY043266 cDNA / PCR AE003690
ym1118 NP_013588 - NC001145
ymr285 NP_014012 - NC001145
h3635 file 1 Databases compilation AC016923
d3635 file 2 Databases compilation AE003635
ce3635 CAB07271 - Z92809
ara1g02270 At1g02270 - NC_003070
yo1042 NP_014600 - NC_001147
h.angel file 3 Databases compilation AC025707
m.angel file 4 Databases compilation -
ce.angel file 5 Databases compilation AF067946
d.angel CAA59746 Kurzik-Dumke et al [26] AE003461
ara3g18500 At3g18500 - NC_003074
ara3g58580 At3g58580 - NC_003074
ara3g58560 At3g58560 - NC_003074
hCCR4 BAA86508 Nagase et al [27] AC025336
mCCR4 AY043269 CDNA/PCR -
dCCR4 AY043267 cDNA/PCR AE003746
ceCCR4 AY043268 cDNA / PCR Z68753
yCCR4 AAB24455 Malvar et al [10] S50459
  1. a prefixes are as follows : h. Homo sapiens; m, Mus musculus; xe, Xenopus laevis; d, Drosophila melanogaster; ce, Caenorhabditis elegans; y, Saccharomyces cerevisiae; ara, Arabidopsis thaliana.baccession numbers (including those of cDNA coding regions sequenced in this work) or file numbers (see Additional Material) for the in silico determined sequences (this work). c accession numbers