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Table 2 ROC parameters for different negative control groups.

From: Defining signal thresholds in DNA microarrays: exemplary application for invasive cancer

  Threshold with maximum specificity and sensitivity* β error α error Threshold value for α = 0.05 Discriminatory power (Area under ROC plot)
Array 1 0.40 (+SSC) 0.101 0.096 0.50 0.969
  0.18 (-SSC) 0.039 0.044 0.17 0.994
Array 2 0.25 (+SSC) 0.089 0.099 0.33 0.984
  0.09 (-SSC) 0.015 0.019 0.06 0.999
  1. SCC spots or spots with deposited DNA perform differently in ROC-analysis yielding different areas under the ROC curve as well as different thresholds with maximum specificity and sensitivity. The area under the ROC curve may be used as an indicator for microarray hybridization quality. *characterized by smallest α and β errors. Note that in this case the α error can be >0.05.