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Table 2 Summary on PLD genes in rice. All PLD genes that could be found in public sequence databases and in the Monsanto database of the rice genome draft are listed. Sequences of PLD genes found in the Monsanto database but not yet sequenced by the IRGSP (i.e. OsPLDβ2, OsPLDv2, and OsPLDλ) have been deposited into GenBank. All sequences are derived from the Nipponbare cultivar, unless otherwise stated.

From: Molecular diversity of phospholipase D in angiosperms

proposed gene name original gene name chromosomea number of coding exonsb GenBank/EMBL/ DDBJ accession numbersc Monsanto contigsc number of ESTs Reference
OsPLDα1 PLD1 1 3 AB001920d, AP003215 (5' end), AP003282 (3' end), D73411d (cDNA) - 18 [20, 21]
OsPLDα2   5 3?e AC087553 OSM15574 (5' end), OSM15576, OSM15582 2 -
OsPLDβ1   10 10 AC078894 OSM15748+ OSM15750 3 -
OsPLDβ2   ? 10 AF411221 OSM12022 0 -
OsPLDδ   ? ? nbxb0077G10 (GSS sequence), BE040461 (EST), AU058024 (EST)f - 2? -
OsPLDη1 PLD2 6 38 AB001919d, AP003629, OSM12111 2 [21]
OsPLDη2 RPLD3 6 3 AF271356h, AP003629 OSM12115 0 McGee et al., unpubl.
OsPLDη3 RPLD4 6 3 AF271357h, AP003629 OSM12115 0 McGee et al., unpubl.
OsPLDθ   8 3 AP004659 OSM12593 0 -
OsPLDκ   2 6 AP004078 OSM128517 +OSM128518 + OSM128519 0 -
OsPLDλ   ? 3 AF411223 OSM15282 3 -
OsPLDμ   3 4 AC099323 - 0 -
OsPLDv1 RPLD5 3 10i AF271358h, AC096856 OSM1620 1 McGee et al., unpubl.
OsPLDv2   7 10?j AF414565 +AF414566, AP003756(3' end) OSM11825+ OSM11834 2 -
OsPLDp1   5 20 AC 104272 OSM151594 1 -
OsPLDp2   1 20 AP003934 OSM15141+ OSM15138 4 -
  1. aChromosome locations are not known for genes originally found only in the Monsanto rice genome database. bThe exon numbers with the question mark (?) should be considered preliminary, since the corresponding gene sequences are available incomplete only. cIn the case of several genes sequences had to be assembled from two or three contigs (contig numbers linked with "+"), the sequences are therefore incomplete and contain gaps (see Additional files). dSequence derived from the Koshihikari cultivar. eA portion from within the 1st supposed intron has not yet been sequenced. fThe three sequences may potentially represent two distinct PLDδ isoforms, since the last one does not overlap with the former two. gErroneously reported to have two coding exons [2]. hSequence derived from the Indica variety, cultivar IR54. iProposed annotation corrected: the 3rd exon shortened by 12 nucleotides at the 3' end according to EST AA751500. jAvailable sequence incomplete, the very beginning of the 1st exon truncated, the 3' end of the 4th exon, a supposed intron and the 5' end of the 5th exon lacking.