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Figure 2

From: Mouse ribonuclease III. cDNA structure, expression analysis, and chromosomal location

Figure 2

Positions of partial cDNA clones used to determine the complete cDNA sequence of mouse RNase III. The full-length cDNA is represented by the shaded bar at the top, with specific domains indicated, and the 5' and 3' UTRs marked by the hashed lines. The cDNA clones are identified by their accession numbers. The cDNA clone generated in-house from kidney cDNA is represented by a solid black line and is labeled "cDNA clone" (GenBank Accession #AF533013). The dotted line indicates the internal sequence missing from the clone. The Not1 restriction site is indicated by the asterisk and is the site of plasmid ligation for a number of the cDNA clones. That there is no missing sequence at this position is indicated by (i) the continuity of the open reading frame across this site, and (ii) an exact, continuous alignment with the human sequence across this site [18].

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