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Table 3 The list of genes that were highly expressed in a testis and had human RefSeq homologues

From: Cynomolgus monkey testicular cDNAs for discovery of novel human genes in the human genome sequence

Macaca clone Human RefSeq Description Ratioa Expression (Reference)
QtsA-10833 NM_032559 kinesin protein (LOC84643) 8.7 derived from testis
QtsA-13647 NM_025244 testis specific, 10 (TSGA10) 8.6 testis specific [18]
QtsA-16118 NM_006686 actin-like 7B (ACTL7B) 8.5 testis and prostate [19]
QtsA-14409 NM_018418 hypothetical protein (HSD-3.1) 7.8 derived from testis
QtsA-13567 NM_033122 testis development protein NYD-SP26 (NYD-SP26) 7.5 testis
QtsA-14035 NM_033123 testis-development related NYD-SP27 (NYD-SP27) 7.2 testis
QtsA-11842 NM_032130 hypothetical protein DKFZp434J0113 (DKFZP434J0113) 6.9 derived from testis
QtsA-15256 NM_032126 hypothetical protein DKFZp564J047 (DKFZP564J047) 6.6 derived from brain
QtsA-14560 NM_032599 testes development-related NYD-SP18 (NYD-SP18) 6.6 testis
QtsA-12850 NM_019038 hypothetical protein (FLJ11045) 6.4 derived from placenta
QtsA-15384 NM_030672 hypothetical protein FLJ10312 (FLJ10312) 5.1 derived from teratocarcinoma
QtsA-10245 NM_007017 SRY (sex determining regionY)-box 30 (SOX30) 5.0 testis specific [20]
QtsA-18012 NM_032596 testes development-related NYD-SP22 (NYD-SP22) 5.0 testis
QtsA-14618 NM_032598 testes development-related NYD-SP20 (NYD-SP20) 4.7 testis
QtsA-19865 NM_033364 AAT1-alpha (AAT1) kinesin-like 6 (mitotic centromere-associated kinesin) 4.5 derived from testis
QtsA-16015 NM_006845 (KNSL6) 4.1 thymus and testis [21]
  1. a) The ratio of signal intensity of testicular probe to mixed probe.