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Figure 2

From: TOX defines a conserved subfamily of HMG-box proteins

Figure 2

Murine TOX subfamily members and their human homologues. (A) The HMG-box and putative NLS regions within each predicted protein are shown in blue and green, respectively. The predicted size and molecular weight of each protein and the chromosomal location of the gene that encodes the protein are also indicated. *Note that the predicted protein LOC241768 as it currently exists in the NCBI database has been modified, and there is some question as to chromosomal location (see Methods). (B) Pair-wise comparison of HMG-box domains of murine and human TOX subfamily members. The upper predicted protein of each pair is mouse derived. Residues that differ from TOX are highlighted in red and the AXXW motif is highlighted in blue. The vertical line represents the position of the conserved exon boundary of the respective genes. (C) Comparison of predicted NLS of murine and human TOX subfamily members. The consensus motif is highlighted in green.

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