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Table 1 Primers pairs used for RT-PCR analysis of T versusTWistranscripts. See Materials and Methods for primer sequences.

From: Unusual misregulation of RNA splicing caused by insertion of a transposable element into the T (Brachyury) locus

Forward primer Reverse primer Product Size (in bp)
Name Location1 Name Location1  
F1 T exon 6 R1 T exon 8 308
F2 T exon 4 R1 T exon 8 523
F1 T exon 6 BGH037 ETn element 2062
F3 T exon 7, last 35 bp R1 T exon 8 161
  1. 1 Genomic organization of T locus from [10, 16], and Bernhard G. Herrmann personal communication. 2 Assuming proper T exon 6 to 7 splicing, then read-through transcription from exon 7 into adjacent ETn sequences, in TWisallele transcripts only.