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Table 2 Sequence analysis of RT-PCR products fromT +/+,TWis/+, and TWis/TWisembryos. RT-PCR products are named as described in Figures 2 and 3. Products of indicated size were sequenced and compared toT mRNA sequence and genomic structure (Herrmann, Labeit et al. 1990; Genbank accession number NM-009309 [10]). Transcript sequence indicates exonic organization of RT-PCR products.

From: Unusual misregulation of RNA splicing caused by insertion of a transposable element into the T (Brachyury) locus

RT-PCR product Embryo Genotype Product Size (in bp) Transcript sequence1
F1-R1a +/+ ~300 6,7,8 (wild type)
F1-R1b TWis/TWis ~300 6,7Δ35,8 & 6,7Δ35,+37ETn,8
F1-R1c TWis/TWis ~190 6,8
F2-R1a +/+ ~480 4,5,6,7,8 (wild type)
F2-R1b TWis/TWis ~480 4,5,6,7Δ35,8 & 4,5,6,7Δ35,+37ETn,8
F2-R1c TWis/TWis ~220 4,5,8l
F2-R1d TWis/TWiss ~180 4,8
F1–BGH037a TWis/TWis ~220 6,7+Etn
F3-R1a +/+ ~160 7,8 (wild type)
F3-R1b TWis/TWis ~200 7+60Etn,8 & 7+60ETn,+37ETn,8
  1. 1 A comma (,) denotes the joining by splicing of non-adjacent sequences. 7Δ35 indicates an incomplete exon 7 with a 35 nucleotide deletion at the 3' end. 7+ETn and 7+60ETn indicate read-through transcription from an intact exon 7 into adjacent ETn sequences. The +37ETn mini-exon sequence is Genbank accession #Y17106 bases 4515–4479, 5'-GAAACTCAGAAATGGTCAAGCTGGACCTTCCCTTGCA-3'. The +60ETn read-through sequence is 5'-GTGTTGCGGCCGCCAGCAGCTCGCAACGTGA-ACGGTTCGACTGAGAAGGCCGCTCGAGCT-3', where the 5' most G is the first base of T intron 7 [10], and the remainder of the sequence is Genbank accession #Y17106 bases 5542–5484.