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Figure 5

From: Whole-genome microarrays of fission yeast: characteristics, accuracy, reproducibility, and processing of array data

Figure 5

Linear readout range and detection limit of spiked RNA samples. 20 μg of S. pombe total RNA was spiked with five Bacillus subtilis mRNAs at various concentrations. Left side: lysA (3 pg), pheB (15 pg), thrB (30 pg), dapB (150 pg), and trpC (300 pg); right side: lysA (60 pg), pheB (300 pg), thrB (600 pg), and dapB (3000 pg). The median fluorescence intensities above local background of the B. subtilis control spots (determined from ~100 spots/transcript distributed evenly across the array) were plotted as a function of transcript concentration.

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