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Table 1 Plasmid Loss During Growth in Rich Media

From: Increased retention of functional fusions to toxic genes in new two-hybrid libraries of the E. coli strain MG1655 and B. subtilis strain 168 genomes, prepared without passaging through E. coli

Plasmid Media Plate Colonies Percent lost
pB42 YPD YPD 112 13
   SD-Trp 97  
  YPGal YPD 127 13
   SD-Trp 110  
pB42-ftsZ YPD YPD 126 8
   SD-Trp 116  
  YPGal YPD 98 92
   SD-Trp 8  
  1. Yeast strain YM4271 transformed with the plamids indicated in the table were grown for 5 hours in YPD or YPGal (as indicated) and plated as serial dilutions on both YPD and SD-Trp. Colonies growing from these cultures following 100 μl of a 1:10000 dilution were counted. Data from this experiment is representative of four separate experiments.