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Table 3 Fusions to B42 that are unstable in E. coli

From: Increased retention of functional fusions to toxic genes in new two-hybrid libraries of the E. coli strain MG1655 and B. subtilis strain 168 genomes, prepared without passaging through E. coli

Library Insert Comments
E. coli YdaW putative membrane protein
  YaaU probable transporter
  PhoQ transmembrane receptor
  YjcE putative Na+/H+ antiporter
  GalR gal operon repressor protein
  YicE hypothetical xanthine/uracil permease
  PrfC polypeptide release factor 3
B. subtilis YwtA polyglutamate biosynthesis
  YvaL EcSecG homolog, peptide secretion
  MreB Bacterial actin homolog, cell shape determination
  YwdJ Ipa-60d, homology to purine permeases
  TrpB Tryptophan synthase, beta subunit
  CotS Spore coat protein
  Mfd Removes RNA pol from DNA lesions
  YrvE Homology to ssDNA exonuclease