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Table 3 WDR genes associated with human disease and their Arabidopsis homologs.

From: The WD-repeat protein superfamily in Arabidopsis: conservation and divergence in structure and function

Human disease Human gene and function Arabidopsis gene(s), expect (E) value, and function if known
Chediak-Higashi syndrome (CHS) [85] LYST (ENSG00000143669) involved in protein trafficking [86] At4g02660 (3E-98) At1g03060 (3E-85)
sensorineural deafness [87] TBL1 (ENSG00000092377) component of SMRT and NCOR corepressor complexes [88] At5g67320 (1E-104)
Cockayne's syndrome [89] CSA (ENSG00000049167) transcription-coupled DNA repair [89] At1g27840 (6E-55) At1g19750 (2E-33)
Triple-A syndrome (AAAS) [90] ALADIN (ENS00000094914) nucleoporin [9] At3g56900 (1E-29)
Refsum disease, rhizomelic chondrodysplasia punctata (RCDP) [91] PEX7 (ENSG00000112357) peroxisomal receptor for type-2 peroxisomal targeting signals [92] PEX7/At1g29260 (2E-74) Peroxisomal receptor for type-2 peroxisomal targeting signals [73]