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Table 4 Different approaches used for identification of amplified genes in (IMR-32) neuroblastoma cell lines

From: Combined subtractive cDNA cloning and array CGH: an efficient approach for identification of overexpressed genes in DNA amplicons

Methodology Publication MYCN DDX1 NAG NSE1 g10d12 DNMT3A TEM8 g4d5 MEIS1 g2h10
cloning after MYC Southern blot hybridization Schwab et al. (1983) [18] X          
subtractive cDNA cloning and Southern blot Manohar et al. (1995) [39]   X         
differential cDNA library screening Godbout and Squire (1993); Squire et al. (1995) [19, 40]   X         
2D separation of genomic restriction fragments Wimmer et al. (1999) [15]    X        
screening PAC/BAC libraries after microdissection Jones et al. (2000) [14]          X  
serendipitous cloning after multiprobe Southern blot Spieker et al. (2001) [13]          X  
CGH on cDNA microarrays Beheshti et al. (2003) [17] X   X X   X    X  
combined subtractive cDNA cloning and array CGH this study X X X X X   X X X X