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Figure 3

From: Comparing gene discovery from Affymetrix GeneChip microarrays and Clontech PCR-select cDNA subtraction: a case study

Figure 3

Comparing the SSH data with GeneChip microarray data using subtracted samples as targets. The GeneChip microarrays were screened with cRNA targets made from the same subtracted cDNA used for SSH. (a) Number of transcripts in the H56 SSH library identified as "present" or "absent" on the GeneChip microarrays. (b) The copy number of each transcript in the SSH library plotted against its detectability on the GeneChip microarrays. Each dot represents a distinct transcript identified in the H56 SSH cDNA library. The transcripts that can be detected by the GeneChip microarrays were given "present" calls, while the transcripts that cannot be detected by the GeneChip microarrays were given "absent" calls.

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