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Figure 2

From: Genome annotation of a 1.5 Mb region of human chromosome 6q23 encompassing a quantitative trait locus for fetal hemoglobin expression in adults

Figure 2

PCR results of confirmed MYB alternate splice variants. Alternate-exon specific primer pairs were tested against the same panel of cDNA tissues (L-R): 1) Erythroid, 2) Lymphoblastoid cell line, 3) Bone Marrow, 4) Fetal Liver, 5) Testes and 6) negative control. The final PCR (Exon 14A) exhibits aberrant products (sequence confirmed) in Lymphoblastoid cell line, Bone Marrow, and Testes, whereas the correct product (sequence confirmed) is observed in erythroid. The expected product sizes are 147 bp (8'), 260 bp (8A), 435 bp (9Ai), 738 bp (9Aii), 451 bp (10A), 324 bp (13A), and 450 bp, (14A). The size standard marker is øX174:HaeIII (Sigma), with some (but not all) of the band sizes indicated either side of the figure.

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