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Figure 4

From: Genome annotation of a 1.5 Mb region of human chromosome 6q23 encompassing a quantitative trait locus for fetal hemoglobin expression in adults

Figure 4

Results of comparative genomic analysis. Each column of the figure represents a region of homology from the 6q23 candidate interval with the mouse syntenic region (over 70% homology and 100 bp). These putative exon sequences are numbered from 1 to 238 at the bottom of each column. Conserved sequences corresponding to regions of a known gene were not included in the analysis, accounting for the missing numbers. As the conserved regions are not spread evenly across the candidate interval, the scale is variable but indicated above the table every 0.1 Mb. The locations of the known genes are also indicated above the table. The results of RT-PCR against the panel of cDNA tissues are indicated by black blocks for positive and gray block for weakly positive. Each row represents the results for each tissue and is indicated at the left: Spleen, EBV = Lymphoblastoid cell line, Erythroid, BM = Bone Marrow, Liver, FL = Fetal Liver.

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