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Figure 2

From: Reconstruction of putative DNA virus from endogenous rice tungro bacilliform virus-like sequences in the rice genome: implications for integration and evolution

Figure 2

Deduced virus form of ERTBV that was assembled from the rice genomic sequences. A: Comparison of the assembled ERTBV and RTBV. Percentages indicate the nucleotide similarity of each of the corresponding segments or ORFs between ERTBV and RTBV. ERTBV lacks ORF 1 and 2. The assembled sequences designated as ERTBV-A, -B and -C have 7526 bp, 7496 bp and 7499 bp in length, respectively. Their assembled sequences consist of intergenic region (IGR) (A: 1–1114; 1114 bp, B: 1–1066; 1066 bp: C: 1–1063; 1063 bp), Region x (A: 1115–1600; 486 bp, B: 1067–1552; 486 bp, C: 1064–1558; 495 bp), ORF y (A: 1570–6702; 5133 bp, B: 1519–6672; 5154 bp; C: 1525–6678; 5154 bp) and ORF z (A: 6702–7523; 822 bp, B: 6672–7493; 822 bp, C: 6678–7496; 819 bp). Identical organizations of ORFs and their orders were observed in their structures. The nucleotide sequence for Region x corresponds with ORF 1, but ATGs for initiation codon were not present. ORF 3 contains movement protein (MP), coat protein (CP), asparatic protease (PR) and RNase H (RT/RH) [19]. B: Schematic representation of the junction sites of the ERTBV segments adjoining the rice genomic sequence. The junctions are indicated by vertical bars on the circular virus form of ERTBV. The figure shows the number of junctions of all the examined segments referred to Table 1. The different colors in the circle correspond to the above-mentioned segments. The junctions are concentrated in the IGR, which contains the transcriptional initiation and terminal overhanging segments.

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